There are some really specific things I like about summer.

The faint but existent flip flop tan lines I get on my feet, the new freckles that crop up on my arms and legs and the way my highlights get lighter and more blonde in the sun.

Comfortably donning shorts, skirts and dresses, and wearing my sunglasses everywhere.

Lying in the hammock and dozing off with a good book. The hum of cars passing by on the busy road a few houses down, the birds chirping, the cicadas buzzing and a neighbor distantly mowing their lawn all make for the perfect white suburban noise.

Driving with the windows down, playing “American Girl” by Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers on repeat and pretending no one can see me play the air drums at red lights.

Star gazing on warm nights, thinking about just how minuscule I really am.


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