6 Reasons You Should Hire Me

  1. I’m always working to improve my multicultural competence. This is something I’m very proud of. Multicultural advising is more than just advising a student of a different background from myself. Multicultural advising means helping students from all backgrounds define their goals both educationally and academically by giving priority and taking into consideration the student’s values, personality, ethnicity, race, sexual orientation, age, and/or socioeconomic status, and acknowledging how the institutional climate in regard to culture, programs offered, tolerance, privilege and oppression may affect these students.
  2. I’m excited. I’m truly passionate about academic advising and higher education. Back in 2011, I was still an undergrad at Temple University, studying advertising. I was becoming more and more unimpressed with the manipulative ways of advertising all in the name of selling a product, and the sinking feeling that I wasn’t going to enjoy a career in advertising wouldn’t go away. After returning from a wonderful semester abroad in London in April of 2011, I learned about an opportunity to become a peer advisor for the study away department. I was immediately excited and I couldn’t apply fast enough. As I started to think about how interested I was in peer advising, it occurred to me that I could help others for a living through academic advising. I’d always wanted to help others. I’m a natural ‘helper’, and I always have been. If you need anything, I’m the one carrying a few Band-Aids and a nail file around in my purse. Just in case.
  3. I have a pretty diverse skill set. I’m pretty hip with the social media lingo, and I know how to utilize TwitterFacebookPinterestInstagramLinkedIn, and  WordPress.com. Social media comes naturally to me, whether it’s being a Millennial or just having a knack for it. I can type around 90 words per minute, and I know how to use a Mac and a PC. I’m knowledgeable when it comes to Microsoft Office Suite, too. I took Prove It assessments and scored  83% on the Microsoft Word portion and 93% on the Excel portion. I’m a quick learner which also helps.
  4. I’m organized. I’m the most organized person I know. I don’t lose things. Ever. I still use a tangible planner (with pencil only!) in addition to the calendar on my phone (can’t seem to get the paper planner to send me reminder texts and/or e-mails). I make to-do lists and know how to prioritize tasks and manage my time so everything gets done in a timely manner. I’m a habitual list maker and I find that it eases my mind to get everything down on paper so I can focus on what I’m doing here and now. I also like to get to appointments (and airports and train stations) early.
  5. I’m a good writer. And I hope this website speaks to that. I won a D.A.R.E. essay contest in 5th grade. Not that that means much today, but hey, it’s, uh, something. But seriously. I know how to write a concise e-mail, and I understand how important it is to write an e-mail tactfully as there is absolutely no context in regard to tone or facial expressions. So the occasional :) or >:( goes a long way when used appropriately. Just kidding about the mad face, although I do find it quite amusing :P
  6. I have a decent amount of customer service experience under my belt. You know, answering phones cheerfully and making the occasional phone call, helping others, remaining calm and polite, picking up clothing customers have left on the floor, folding t-shirts, cleaning up vomit… I’ve seen a lot, and I understand customer service. From the consumer point of view and the corporate point of view. Even if my day is going awfully, I know it’s important to put on a smile and  check my emotional baggage before I board the plane that is any sort of interaction with anyone.

Just in case, here’s a link to my resume and my e-mail address :)

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