Introducing Yogi!

Yogi 2

As you all know, we’ve been waiting very patiently to get a dog. Now that we’ve moved into a dog (read: pitbull) friendly apartment Mack and I were finally able to adopt a dog from the Animal Rescue League on Saturday. Some things about Yogi:

  • He’s almost 2 years old, and a 60 lb. snuggle bug! He also loves to gives kisses and ‘pet me’ nudges.
  • He’s a pitbull mix. We bought a dog DNA test to find out what other things he is, though.
  • He loooooves bully sticks and rope toys. He stole a bully stick from Petagogy the first time we went in :)~
  • He tore his ACL and had to have surgery in the spring and he has a cool Frankenweenie scar on his left hind leg.
  • He was at the shelter for almost 7 months (he was there longer than any other current dog), but we have no idea why as he’s lovely, calm, potty trained, knows sit and lie down, and overall really just wants to please you.
  • He loves to meet new people!
  • He’s just awesome in general.

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