My Ideal Advising Office

  • LGBT ally signage. This is an important one for me. I’ll definitely work to officially become an LGBT ally and I want all of my students to know that my office is a safe place to talk.
  • ADA compliance. There should be enough room for a student in a wheelchair to enter into my office, turn around etc. and feel welcome and comfortable.
  • A door. Okay, this is seeming really basic, but privacy is pretty integral for effective advising.
  • A window. While we’re on the basic thing… I know a lot of offices in higher ed don’t have windows and natural light definitely helps me feel less boxed in and more productive!
  • Plants. They always make a place feel more lived in and personal!
  • No fluorescent lights. I hate them. Hate is actually an understatement. They often make the best of us look tired and washed out. I would gladly bring my own lamps (with energy efficient bulbs, of course) to give it a warmer feel.
  • A comfortable chair for my advisees. This would be something else I’d bring in myself. I always see these really cute chairs in TJMaxx and would LOVE to look at one of them every day.
  • A coat rack/hooks. Not only for myself, but for my advisees.
  • Quotes! I call myself a crazy quote lady. I love quotes. Inspirational quotes are my jam. Seriously. Check out my You Got This Pinterest board. Over 450 things to ponder there. I’d ideally have a bulletin board dedicated to just quotes in pretty scripts accompanied by nice artwork.
  • Books. I have a ton of academic advising books from grad school that I’d love to have on display and out for reference.
  • A bowl of candy. Not for me, but for my students. I learned at a conference at Penn State that having a piece of candy helps decision making. Science!
  • Music. I have a very high musical intelligence, meaning I always have music on, a song stuck in my head, and an aptitude for pitch and rhythm. I have a John Williams Pandora station (think Star Wars, Harry Potter) and it’s pretty great background music for getting some planning, thinking, and/or working done.

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