Goals for 2014

This list feels short but I think that the more goals I pile on the more likely I am to fail at something. So here they are!

  • Attend the annual NACADA region 2 conference in March. Learning, networking, and advising combined! What more could I ask for?
  • Read 35 books. I managed 28 books in 2013, so I think I can swing it.
  • Cut back on processed food. My go to lunch consists mostly of wrappered snacks and I feel like there are better things I can be putting into my body. I have yet to discover what those things are that won’t leave me feeling hungry 2 hours later but that’s what the internet is for!
  • Get my arse back to the gym. I have a (gifted) gym membership all set for the first half of 2014 AND a built in gym buddy, so let’s do this thing! Things that could use some work:  my core and upper body. I’ve always had strong legs, but that’s really where it ends :)~
  • Run 450 miles. It’s not too lofty, but it’ll require me to regularly get my runs in.
  • Try 12 different things, one every day for a month. I like to mix it up.
    • January: Gratitude journaling. Write down three things every day that I’m grateful for. Big or small.
    • February: Small acts of kindness. One a day.
    • March: Wear lipstick. It makes me feel elegant and put together and I don’t do it enough.
    • April: No TV. Go outside! It’s spring!
    • May: No phone in the evenings. Shut it off for two hours a night and just be.
    • June: Photograph one thing a day. It can be anything.
    • July: No Buy July. Meaning I can’t buy anything for myself that isn’t groceries or necessary toiletries.
    • August: Yoga every day.
    • September: No sweets. Eat fruit instead.
    • October: Meditate for 20 minutes every day.
    • November: Drink nothing but water.
    • December: No wearing black.

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