Good Intentions: Goals and Plans

Tell me what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life? via J Seeks JoySince this blog is ‘new’ (the direction is new, ya know) I wanted to write down some of the things I’m working to accomplish and improve as I go forward. How does that saying go? A dream without a plan is just a wish? Yeah. That.

  • Cut back on the swearing. This is a biiiiiiiiig one. Currently, I have the mouth of a rough and tumble sailor. And it usually just throws fuel on the emotional fire I’m experiencing at the moment. Not particularly helpful.
  • Practice gratitude more regularly. I go hot and cold with gratitude for some reason, but when I do get into a gratitude groove, I like the way it feels.
  • Be more positive. This is vague and probably impossible without concrete steps of action, so bear with me as I find my way.
  • Get back into meditation. I’ve attempted to do an 8 week self guided meditation program several times now and I just don’t make time for it. It’s completely a lack of time management.
  • Work back up to running. I already have the 8 week walk to run program, I just need to, again, make time for it. I’ve at least done this successfully a few times in the past.
  • Stop shoveling junk into my face. And by junk, I mean too many veggie chips in one sitting. Or snacking entirely too much. It’s possible to eat too much healthy food. Calories. Hello? McFly?
  • Attempt to find at home yoga that I like. I’ve had my best yoga sessions in classes with an instructor and I just don’t feel as relaxed when I do it at home. So, I either need to figure out how to relax at home, or bite the bullet and find a class I can get to on the reg, which is $$$ but may be worth it.
  • Focus on what I can control. This sounds so stinking simple but MAN  is it a challenge. I personally, am a problem solver; a taker of action. If something is bugging me, I like to try to FIX IT. This isn’t always possible. It usually isn’t possible at all, actually. And then I get annoyed and worked up because I feel  helpless. Utterly useless behavior.
  • Seek inspiration. Films, books, quotes, stories, ideas… I need to feel all of the things.
  • Laugh. It makes your brain release happy chemicals, and who couldn’t use that?
  • Try new things. Like last week when I went to my first Meetup. And next month when I go to Podcamp Pittsburgh.
  • Remember that I am enough. We’re all enough, but it’s easy to think I’m not THIS enough, or THAT enough, etc. etc. and it’s a really hurtful way to treat yourself.
  • Remember to breathe. I stress myself out to the point of needing an inhaler. Breathe in positivity, breathe out the BS.

Thanks for reading, and I look forward to sharing with you :)

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