Last year I set one resolution: read 40 books. Which I *did*. This year I have a lot I want to change and do better, and I’m gonna make it aaaaaaall happen.

  • Read 45 books. (52 books in a year, I’m coming for you! 2017 WATCH OUT)
  • Step up my job search game. It’s time.
  • Practice gratitude, and practice gratitude hard. I have an app on my phone for this and IMMA do it.
  • Learn spanish. I have an app on my phone for this *too*.
  • Complain less. Less complaining, more doing.
  • YOGA. I recently discovered a beautiful, Gothic church in the next neighborhood over does free yoga in their cathedral. UM YAS.
  • Get my mornings in order. I tend to shut off my alarm, oversleep, and generally waste time in the mornings. A nice routine would serve me well.
  • Smoothies and salads. Get in mah belleh.
  • Attempt #4 at meditating steadily. It’s hard work y’all.
  • Get my new project up and running, and going steady. This will entail 3 relatively short posts a week, which is admittedly a lot. You will be hearing more about this, don’t worry! It may not be a few months until I go live with it. #Research.


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