My Favorite At-Home Yoga

If you’ve been following me and my resolutions for 2016, you’ll notice that the only exercise on my list this year is yoga. Back in college during my senior year at Temple, I lived one block away from the gym. During a period of enthusiasm for fitness, I started going to early morning yoga (mostly because it didn’t fill up FAST like evening classes did). 

It sounds like the laziest lazy person thing, but I looked forward most to the end of class, when we’d do Savasana, or corpse pose. My mind was calm, clear. My body felt fully relaxed. Aaaaaand I was sold on yoga.

Not on a pay-for-yoga-budget at this point in my life, I’ve been on the hunt for legit at home yoga. I found Yoga with Adriene and I’ve since halted the search. Here’s why I like her:

  1. She’s bendy and flexy and strong, but she acknowledges that you probably aren’t. And that’s okay.
  2. FIND WHAT FEELS GOOD. Adriene gives you a lot of free-style opportunities to find what feels good for you in the moment. You aren’t stuck to precise movements that don’t give you what you need.
  3. She has  a solid library of options for you. Bedtime yoga, yoga for gratitude, 30 days of yoga, yoga for anxiety… You name it, she’s probably got something for you.
  4.  She’s Leighton Meester’s twin. Not really. But she could be. She feels like someone you already know. She’s real and quirky and in the age of the internet, that can be hard to come by.

Here are a few of my favorite videos from her YouTube Channel.

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