Unlocking Adult Achievements

I’ve learned a lot in my short time on this planet. If adult life were a video game of sorts, these are the achievements I would have unlocked so far. What would you add to this list? Please feel free to post my ‘stickers’ with abandon as you notice another adult doing an adult thing. Share the wealth!

  • Congratulations! You picked up that tissue you threw at the garbage can but ultimately missed.
  • Good job! You unloaded the dishwasher before the sink got full of dirty dishes.
  • Hey! Nice one folding the laundry you dumped onto the bed instead of putting it back in the basket.
  • I know it was hard, but you managed to wait for the right time to bring something up that’s been bugging you.
  • The dog just threw up. Again. And you didn’t get mad about it! Wow!
  • Go you! You did not make a passive aggressive remark there. You totally could have.
  • Look at you, being early for something.
  • Did you just put money onto your bus pass before it ran out?? Awesome!
  • Credit card bill/rent/other bill paid ON TIME! High five.
  • Renter’s insurance! Take that, thieves!
  • Getting that chip on your windshield patched before it became a major crack was a smart move.
  • Insurance deductible LOWERED! Sweet.
  • Doing laundry before you run out of underwear- aw yeah.
  • Are you vacuuming?!
  • Dusting. Nice.
  • You totally felt like coming home from work and doing absolutely nothing, but you walked the dog first.
  • You wrote sixteen different comments in response to a Facebook post but ultimately decided to  vent to a friend (off the record) instead.
  • Netflix tried to auto play another episode but you said, “NO.” You have things to do!
  • It has been a while since you cleaned your make up brushes. Good idea.
  • Refilling the soap dispenser instead of pretending you didn’t notice that’s it’s empty? A+.
  • Watering the plants before they’re half dead! They appreciate it! They don’t *want* to die.
  • You ate those leftovers in the fridge. Solid.
  • If all else fails: You tried.

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