Cutting the Cord

It’s a basic principle of managing money: to have more you either need to increase what’s coming in or decrease what’s going out.

I’m the budget extraordinaire for Mack and I (as far as shared expenses go) and when I sit down and look at our spending, there isn’t a ton to cut out. I always balk at two things though: cable and our cell phone bill. They’re kind of outrageous. Mack pays for cable now since I don’t even turn on the TV and we split the cost of internet, so that seems like the best compromise there.

That leaves our cell phone bill. I joke that I want a flip phone with basic capabilities, but I am┬áintrigued by the ‘dumb phone’ movement. I can’t bring myself to do it though.

In lieu of going back to my Motorola Razor days, I’ve been thinking about dropping my data plan. I have wifi at home and at work, and I already own my phone. When I’m out, I need data for

  • Google maps/tracking transit
  • Streaming music on Pandora

That’s it. When I think about it like that, I can download areas of Google maps ahead of time so I have them sans using data, and memorize the bus schedules I use frequently to get to and from work. And. I have thousand of songs on my phone I can easily use instead of streaming.

What do you think? Is cutting data cray? Would you do it to save boatloads of money in a year?

Think of how much money you're spending a year on data. You could probably live without it.

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