Step Away From Your Smart Phone

I talked a bit about my desire to go back to my flip phone days, but I’ve been thinking a lot about why that is. Sure, saving money sounds fantastic, but there’s more to it: my biggest issue with cell phones is that they take you out of the moment

I’m on a quest to be more mindful and present, and my phone is everything mindfulness is not. The other day I got home from work and was transitioning into after work mode (yes, hi, huge introvert here). I put the dog out, opened the windows to let in the warm spring air, and changed out of my work clothes. The entire time, I was getting texts and responding to them.

Instead of having the quiet reflective time I wanted and dare I say needed, I spent the entire time vacillating between tasks, being preoccupied with the text conversation I was having. It wasn’t terribly important, and it certainly didn’t need to happen via text, but that’s how we operate today.

Technology has helped take communication to a new place I’m not sure I like. We say what we want, we say it now, and we expect a response pronto. Texting is nice in terms of keeping up with my family and friends who are far away, I will say that, but those conversations aren’t so urgent or demanding.

I try really hard to stay off of my phone when I’m with people, so why don’t I do the same when it’s just me? From now on I’m going to try being a lot more purposeful when I’m on my phone, and I’d like to save conversations and discussions for a phone call, or even better, have them face to face. I have a sneaking suspicion I spend a lot of time staring at my phone and I’d like to do that less.

What do you think? How would spending less time on your phone affect you?

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