Mindfulness Roundup – August

Welcome to the first post in a new monthly series where I share with you photos of the things I’ve noticed trying to be more mindful! Mindfulness is really important to me and I try to consciously notice what’s around me. It helps me remember to stay present, not fiddling around in the past or the future.

This month I’ve been listening to Daring Greatly by Brene Brown on my mindfulness walks and it’s been an awesome refresher. I loved it the first time around and I’m really loving it again.

Why? I’ve been working on my NACADA presentation for the national conference in October and the feelings of inadequacy and my shame gremlins are out in FULL FORCE. I am having to constantly remind myself that I was chosen to do this by my peers, they believe I have an idea worth sharing, and that I am important enough to show up, take up space, and share not only my story but my ideas. Baby steps.

If I had to choose a theme for this month it would definitely be flowers. (If you follow me on Instagram, you’ve seen one or two of these already!) Summer, with all of its natural foliage, is my absolute favorite time of year. If I could live in one season, it would most definitely be summer. And if I could spend every day lounging in a pool reading in the sun, I would do that too. (Life goals). 


Yogi looking cute AF in someone else’s yard

Yogi photo bomb


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