One Month with Project Fi

It’s been one month since we signed up with Google’s Project Fi service and said BOY BYE to Verizon Wireless.

Project Fi uses a combination of T-Mobile and Sprint’s networks, and it connects you to trusted open wifi when it can (to save you that data).

We both have the Nexus 5X with 16 GB of RAM, and since we bought them as part of signing up for Project Fi we only paid $200 per phone. (It’s worth noting that you can only use Nexus devices with a Project Fi SIM card for now.)

It costs $20 a month for “talk and text” and data is $10 a GB, plus taxes and fees (about $5 a month). You pre-pay for an amount of data you select when you sign up, and if you don’t use all of your data you’re refunded the amount you didn’t use at the end of your data cycle down to the dollar. I saved so much money this month you guys!!!!! Here’s the lowdown on everything:

  • Cell/data service can be crappy. Mack has had some static on phone calls and no service where I have full service simultaneously, and occasionally we’ll only have 3G rather than LTE (which is like traveling back in time) but it doesn’t last long. My mom says she has a hard time hearing me sometimes. But I never have trouble hearing her  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  • The battery life on this phone is okay. But. It charges fully in 2 hours, and it does a ‘rapid charge’, which is nice if you need to charge quickly. It uses C type cables, which means you’ll either need adapters to use your old cords (which will not rapid charge the phone) or to pony up and buy all new cables if you’d like more than the one it comes with.
  • I thought the fingerprint sensor was a stupid gimmick but I’m so obsessed with it now I don’t think I’d give it up.
  • The speakers are pretty meh compared from the HTC One M8 we were coming from (meh is a technical term) but I can live with it since I usually use headphones anyway.
  • The camera is legit (see photos here and here and here).
  • Visual voicemail! I had this years ago with Sprint and I have missed it so. You don’t have to call and put in your password and do the whole schtick just to hear a voicemail.
  • Since this phone is unlocked and not technically on any carrier, there are no bloatware apps (think Verizon’s NFL app or Sprint’s NASCAR app that you simply cannot ever delete). It’s simple and beautiful.
  • My first month with Project Fi, I used .25 GB of data. *You can call me the data miser* I have that shit turned off 90% of the time and I strategically ride wifi at home and at work.
  • I paid $28 for one month of data and cell service. Considering we were paying $140 a month with Verizon to share 8 GBs of data, I just saved $42 in a month. YAH. I’ll take that. That’s $500 a year you guys. MATH IS FUN. I <3 MONEY!

So, all in all, I’ll take the okay cell service and mediocre battery life if it means saving enough money each month to get a mani/pedi, or a dinner out, or a 35 lb bag of dog food, or four bananas.

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