I started this blog to help myself out of a particularly rough time in my life. I couldn’t find a job that would pay me a living wage and I was absolutely letting it ruin my life. I needed to figure out a lot of things. How could I stop being so miserable? How could I turn myself- my life around, even though it felt insurmountable?

I had none of the answers I was seeking, but what I did know: *gestures around head frantically* this wasn’t working. And so, J Seeks Joy was born.

I’m on a serious (but not too serious) mission to feel and be a lot of things. I want to feel vulnerable, authentic, mindful, positive, inspired, appreciated, connected, grateful, content, self aware, and obviously, joyous. I’m not entirely sure how I’ll get there, but that’s half the fun.

Join me as I stumble through the mystifying process of growing up, getting it together, and finding joy.

And, like I always try to remind myself: “Be a fountain, not a fire hose.”

Learn more about the lady behind the blog here.

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  1. Jessica Martinez Zarabal says:

    That sounds great i would love some help please my name is Jess too :) i really want to do study abroad but my school doesnt have many in my major and there are some but arr independent so i dont know exactly if i should im still researching but would love some suggestions thanks :) sorry if it sounds confusing or a really long explanation


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