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Here are the links to my London advice posts :)

5 thoughts on “All London Posts

  1. Massy Vainshtein says:

    Hey Jessica, I found your posts really helpful. Can you tell me more about how much you accosted for spending per day or week for food and such? I am trying to estimate my expenses for my London Summer Study Abroad. Thanks


    • Jess says:

      I took about $4000 dollars for one semester abroad for everything from food to travel. I cooked a good bit but did enjoy frequent trips out for fish and chips and cider. I would say $4000 is at the low end, but for summer it may be suitable if it’s less than a 4 month program. Plan to grocery shop often and make food staples like pasta, PB&J, and vegetables a lot and you’ll have more money left over for fun stuff!


  2. Jessica Philo says:

    Gah, you just made my day!! I did spend a lot of time putting all of this info together in the name of helping others who are setting out to study abroad. Knowing that it’s helpful and that it’s appreciated is all I could have ever asked for :) Happy travels! I hope you have an amazing time abroad!!


  3. Rachel Hudacek says:

    Thank you so much for posting all of this!! I’m getting ready to study in London and Edinburgh, and these posts are SO helpful. Thank you for all the hard work you put into these, like seriously, they look like they took so much time. But I appreciate it so much! Thank you :-)


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