Bless this Mess

My mom recently bought a house and her closing date was on her birthday, so it only seemed fitting that I get her a housewarming gift /birthday present. I remembered that I had a blank cross stitch canvas already on a frame so I decided to design a little something myself.

I knew I wanted it to say ‘Bless this Mess’ and I went from there. I ¬†put a bunch of found patterns together and this is the end result. Pretty fancy, huh? And I MADE IT WITH LOVE. If you’re into cross stitch, you can download the free pattern below.

Bless this Mess Free Cross Stitch Pattern Download

This is the perfect sentiment for anyone’s home and/or life, because we’re all a mess one way or another. And that’s okay, because we’re enough.

Download the free Bless this Mess Cross Stitch Pattern here!

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