Let’s be friends on social media! Really though. I’m always all over the place, so if you want the best of me, you’re gonna have to follow me on all of the following:

  • Twitter. I post here super regularly lately. Follow me here for: Tidbits about life, the news, and higher ed.
  • Pinterest. If I could be paid to Pin, I’d be a millionaire. Follow me here for: inspirational quotes, tasty recipes, and pro dev.
  • Instagram. Follow me here for: aesthetically delightful photos, including my dog. HAVE YOU SEEN HOW CUTE HE IS?
  • Snapchat. I can’t link to it here, but my handle is JSeeksJoy. Follow me here for: the most random and/or fun snippets of my life.
  • LinkedIn. Follow me here for: professional networking, news about higher ed, pro dev.
  • Facebook. Follow me here for: updates on the blog, and the occasional quote/musing.
  • You can also drop me a line via the form below!

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