My Second 5K!

This weekend was the Color Me Rad 5K here in Pittsburgh and as you can see, it was a colorful success! I think this was one of those fun things you only need to do once, but I’m glad we did.

I’m officially out of 5K’s to look forward to (they aren’t cheap!) so for now, I’m looking forward to my birthday (June 25th), the Outer Banks for a week in July, and GRADUATING with my master’s in academic advising at the end of July. I won’t actually walk at graduation until December, but I’ll be done with my last course on July 26th. Eek! After that, our lease is up on July 29th and the first thing I plan on doing when we move is adopt a dog from the Animal Rescue League where we currently volunteer (assuming our new landlord will allow a dog over 30 pounds!)

I have a lot to look forward to in the next few months, and hopefully one of those things will be getting a job! I’ve been applying to jobs here and there and I’m so ready to finally be working in higher education! My resume is here, and you can follow me on Instagram to see what’s going on with me more regularly :)

CMR 5K Collage

After being thoroughly ‘color bombed’ with colored cornstarch


Probably the only time sporting pink ‘make up’ is acceptable

Until next time!


My first 5K!

Back in January I decided I needed to start working out – but what to work toward? The Pittsburgh Marathon 5K was the perfect event. It was far enough away that I still had time to get into shape, yet manageable enough that I didn’t feel like I’d be struggling just to survive. Those marathon and half marathon runners man, I’m not sure how they do it! After months of hitting the gym (and the ‘dreadmill’) and many outdoor runs in Schenley Park once Pittsburgh decided to give us some spring, I successfully completed my first 5K in 31:13 :)

Up next is the Color Me Rad 5K in June! In the meantime I’ll be finishing up this semester, traveling to the UK and my home away from home, London (from May 8-May 18), and starting my last academic advising class before I graduate in July! Weeee!