Our first ugly CSA!

While I’ve always been intrigued by CSAs (Community Supported Agriculture) the price tag has always been daunting to me. Because I am thrifty. Which is a nice way of saying cheap.

SO. When 412 Food Rescue announced an UGLY CSA for 40% less than your average, beautiful CSA I jumped on that shiz.

I’ve always been happy to see ‘ugly’ food initiatives that utilize food that is perfectly good but most people (or retailers) won’t buy. One person’s ugly food is someone else’s dinner!

We picked ours up in East Liberty at Olive and Marlowe.


So many boxes of foooooood

So many boxes of foooooood


I woke up like thiiiiiiiiis, hence the sunglasses and hat


Yogi "helped". By looking cute.

Yogi “helped”.


Here are the goods!

We got a watermelon, tons of peaches, cucumbers, zucchini, and yellow squash. And now the fun part: making some tasty food! Recipes welcome.