A London Study Abroad Packing List

When I was getting ready to go abroad I had a lot of questions. What do I pack? What can I afford to leave at home? How much should I bring? How much is too much? If you aren’t sure and you can buy one across the pond, you should just leave it at home. Read on!

Food Shopping in London on a Budget

Food Shopping in London on a Budget

I recently had someone ask me how I budgeted while I was in London, and the thing that I budgeted most was food. A girl’s gotta eat, after all. Especially with all of the walking you do in London. (Burn those calories baby, burn!) A good rule to keep in mind is to stick to the basics, and think healthy. I don’t consider myself very culinarily adventurous, and I don’t really know how to cook. I can do the basics though, so anything you find on here will be very simple to make.

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