Who is J?

The J in J Seeks Joy is moi, Jessica.

I’m extremely into anything that has to do with mindfulness, meditation, optimism, and/or the field of positive psychology. I live and breathe quotes and affirmations. Put a bird quote on it.

I’m a feminist, I’m not religious, I lean left, and I’m child free by choice. I refuse to buy boring stamps for my snail mail, and I am a fierce introvert (INFJs of the world quietly unite from the comfort of your living rooms).

I very firmly believe in clean eating, and I try to eat meat every other week to keep my effing cholesterol down. I also go light on the dairy, but I could never truly be a vegan because cheese.

I have a weird relationship with exercise because not only am I sort of lazy, but I have yet to find something that I actually want to do.

I read more than probably anyone you know. No, really. I’m super into learning new things and trying to be the best me I can be.

I live with my husband Mack and our dogs Yogi and Pippa, and Mack and I are one twisted soul at this point. We finish each others sandwiches a lot but we cannot play charades you guys. We are so bad at charades.

I believe in raising other people up, avoiding judgment, being realistic yet unwaveringly optimistic, remembering that there is good in the world, keeping a good fucking attitude, and not being afraid to put myself out there. Sometimes it all works unbelievably well, and sometimes I feel like I have no idea what I’m doing (welcome to the club called everyone).

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Thanks for visiting my corner of the internet! I hope you stick around :) Read more about the purpose of this blog here.